About Us

Harmonic Consulting Inc’s philosophy is not about us. It’s about your business and your wants and needs. We provide solutions that fit your business by leveraging our staff’s business strengths first, followed by our technology expertise. Then, working together, we will analyze the possibility of using technology services to guide you along the way.

Company Info

Harmonic Consulting, Inc. is a US based IT consulting and managed services firm founded in 2001 and headquartered in Lisle, Illinois (a Chicago suburb). Harmonic Consulting has US based offices in Lisle, Illinois, and Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, Miami, Florida, and international offices in Sofia, Bulgaria and Hyderabad, India.


Harmonic Consulting is led by President Brandon Acuff and a Board of Advisors comprised of high level seasoned executives from a wide variety of industries including but not limited to Mobile/Telecommunications, E-Commerce, International Business, IT Consulting, Business Consulting, Medical, Government, Human Resources, Insurance, Logistics/Transportation Services, and Financial/Banking.